Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mid January through Mid Febuary fishing

I have to say I have not been on top of writing on my blog.
I have been fishing a couple times since the last time I wrote. Mainly crappie fishing and I have had some good trips. One when I took my dad and I think for the first time in the 25 years or so I have been fishing with him I decided that I wouldn't keep score against him. In all the trips, in my entire life, we have always made a good game of who catches more. That day I just decided not to. It was kind of fun but and we both caught fish. I may have caught more than him if we were keeping score but we didn't, so we both won. I think we took home 12 or 13 keepers.
Another trip I took a real good friend of mine and his 6 year old son. We had a big 'ol time. We caught 18 keepers that day. But it was fun chewing a whole pack of grape Big League Chew and watching Wyatt net fish for me. Him and I teamed up on a few good slabs. He even got in on the action. I rigged up a jig under a float and would cast it out to the other side of a stump and hand him the rod and let him slowly reel it back over the top of the stump. He caught a nice stripe that he had a nice fight with to get in. His dad said that was the most productive crappie trip he'd ever had.
I also planned a trip with a guy I used to work for's 70 year old dad. Well I gotta say Ed is just my friend. I used to work with him and we have talked about making a trip for a couple years. Well this one fell through also because my wife came down with a very bad stomach virus the night before. I decided to cancel because I had been around her and I was afraid I would get him sick. That sucked and I am going to make it up in the next couple of weeks.
I also went bass fishing a couple times and I didn't do real great, but I did catch a real nice smallmouth (probably about 4 pounds) and another trip I caught a largemouth that was pushing 7 lbs. The batteries in my scale were dead so I have been saying 6 and a half, just to be safe. Gotta get some batteries. I did get a pic though.

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