Saturday, February 21, 2009

BTS and KVD Prostaff

Last post of the night but I really want to get caught up to date. That way tomorrow I can post on my tournament!

I recently became part of the Bow to Stern Protectant and KVD's Line and Lure Conditioner If you don't know about them and fish or have a boat that you want looking its best, you have to check them out. BTS is an awesome product, it is a non toxic polymer based protectant that can be used on any boat surface to protect and shine them and keep them in great condition. It is antimicrobial and also offers the highest sunscreen protection factor available. It will put a wicked shine on a boat . It also works great on vinyl seats, plastic, rubber, and well, any surface on a boat.
KVD's line and lure is another great product. Lines treated with KVD will show reduced line twist, longer casts, reduced memory and better manageability. It honestly makes a huge difference in the less expensive flourocarbon lines that I fish with. And other than some of the memory these are good line as far as strength and abrasion resistance. The only thing is the memory. KVD virtually eliminates that, so I can save money and catch fish with less frustration. It too has UV sunscreen protection and I have used it on some hi-viz yellow crappie line that I had experienced noticeable fading with in the past. It will keep it looking bright and new indefinitely.
I am not just pimpin' these two products. I really use them and faithfully used them before joining their pro staff. They work and I don't mind promoting them because I know they are good. Anyone interested feel free to contact me and I'll be more than happy to set you up with a free sample of either or both and you can see the results for yourself!

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