Saturday, February 21, 2009

BTS and KVD Prostaff

Last post of the night but I really want to get caught up to date. That way tomorrow I can post on my tournament!

I recently became part of the Bow to Stern Protectant and KVD's Line and Lure Conditioner If you don't know about them and fish or have a boat that you want looking its best, you have to check them out. BTS is an awesome product, it is a non toxic polymer based protectant that can be used on any boat surface to protect and shine them and keep them in great condition. It is antimicrobial and also offers the highest sunscreen protection factor available. It will put a wicked shine on a boat . It also works great on vinyl seats, plastic, rubber, and well, any surface on a boat.
KVD's line and lure is another great product. Lines treated with KVD will show reduced line twist, longer casts, reduced memory and better manageability. It honestly makes a huge difference in the less expensive flourocarbon lines that I fish with. And other than some of the memory these are good line as far as strength and abrasion resistance. The only thing is the memory. KVD virtually eliminates that, so I can save money and catch fish with less frustration. It too has UV sunscreen protection and I have used it on some hi-viz yellow crappie line that I had experienced noticeable fading with in the past. It will keep it looking bright and new indefinitely.
I am not just pimpin' these two products. I really use them and faithfully used them before joining their pro staff. They work and I don't mind promoting them because I know they are good. Anyone interested feel free to contact me and I'll be more than happy to set you up with a free sample of either or both and you can see the results for yourself!

Weekend of Febuary 22nd

Had planned on fishing the Renegade Series tournament at Percy Priest yesterday but Bubba got sick and backed out on Friday afternoon. What a sissy. I'm not mad though. He said he had a Stomach virus and I don't want any part of that. Only bad thing is we will have to pay for a tournament we didn't fish in order to qualify for the classic in October and we won't be in the running for a points title unless we really really bust ass in the other 5 tournaments. I had hoped to do well in this tournament and figured we would. We always do well in the early spring at Percy Priest.
Tomorrow I will fish the first tournament of the Music City Bass Anglers tournament series at Percy Priest. I am fishing with a new partner this year and it will take some adjustment. I have fished with real close friends for so long that I know what to expect with all of them. I think it will be good to fish with a different partner though. It will be a good opportunity to expand my knowledge of different tactics and such. He's a good guy too and talks like he really wants to win, like I do. He'll see tomorrow morning that I don't F around fishing for money. I want to win all of these Music City tournaments this year. We finished 5th in the points last year and came really close to winning the points championship until we flopped on our strongest tournaments, the night tournaments. We still had a chance at the final T at Guntersville and flopped there too and fell from second to 5th. Bubba can't fish this year because 8 out of 10 tournaments he has to work. So me and Daniel are going to give it a go.
I'm excited tonight but I'm about to hit the sack so I wake up ready to roll in the am. I know we can catch some good fish doing what we have been doing recently even though a nasty cold front came in tonight. But it's all about adjustments and we have the knowledge to make them if we have to and we will come in with a fat sack. The weather change alone will throw other people off their game. But I know even though its colder, the fish will be shallow at least later in the day because the suns gonna warm them rocks up shallow.

First Tournament of 2009

I guess I'll try to catch up all at one time.
Last weekend Bubba and I decided that we'd fish a Sunday morning tournament on Percy Priest. We had been catching a few fish and we were just ready to fish a tournament I guess. We Put in at Fate Sander and made a short run to a close-by pocket that he had caught some in earlier in the week. There were already 2 boats in the pocket, the weekly Sunday morning tournament starts at 8am in the winter. But we pulled up and started throwing lipless crankbaits. We made it maybe 50 yards down the bank and I hung into a good fish. I fight him to the boat and we net a fat chunk 3.5 pound Percy Priest largemouth. And man it was right up on the bank. We catch some good fish super-shallow this time of year. It was in the 30's that morning and was only forcasted to get up to about 47 or so. Water temp was 50 degrees. In the next couple of hours we caught a couple of short fish and lost another good one. I snagged a 5 or 6lb carp. Then we made it back to the same place where we caught the first keeper and I caught another one on the same bait. I also lost about 5 of the $7 lipless crankbaits, plus an $11 Spro Little John. And he lost a couple too. Expensive trip! We also got the boat hung on a rock trying to get unhung up on a shallow point. I mean we tried everything that you can do from inside the boat to get unstuck. Rocking, turning, sticking the outboard in the water and gunning it in reverse and forward, pushing with the net, everything. After screwing with it for 30 minutes or so I said "man I'm getting in." So I stripped my dry clothes, long johns, and boots and threw on some rain pants and got in. It was VERY cold. I didn't think I was still going to get the boat off that rock. My legs were tingling bad. Finally I pushed from the side and he hit the trolling motor and it came loose. I got back in and dried off and put my dry clothes back on and finished the day.
We ended up with the 2 keepers for around 2 pounds or so. We didn't weigh in because we weren't in any kind of point race. It took 11.30 to win so we weren't too far off, we just needed 2 or 3 good bites. Get 'em next time I guess.

Mid January through Mid Febuary fishing

I have to say I have not been on top of writing on my blog.
I have been fishing a couple times since the last time I wrote. Mainly crappie fishing and I have had some good trips. One when I took my dad and I think for the first time in the 25 years or so I have been fishing with him I decided that I wouldn't keep score against him. In all the trips, in my entire life, we have always made a good game of who catches more. That day I just decided not to. It was kind of fun but and we both caught fish. I may have caught more than him if we were keeping score but we didn't, so we both won. I think we took home 12 or 13 keepers.
Another trip I took a real good friend of mine and his 6 year old son. We had a big 'ol time. We caught 18 keepers that day. But it was fun chewing a whole pack of grape Big League Chew and watching Wyatt net fish for me. Him and I teamed up on a few good slabs. He even got in on the action. I rigged up a jig under a float and would cast it out to the other side of a stump and hand him the rod and let him slowly reel it back over the top of the stump. He caught a nice stripe that he had a nice fight with to get in. His dad said that was the most productive crappie trip he'd ever had.
I also planned a trip with a guy I used to work for's 70 year old dad. Well I gotta say Ed is just my friend. I used to work with him and we have talked about making a trip for a couple years. Well this one fell through also because my wife came down with a very bad stomach virus the night before. I decided to cancel because I had been around her and I was afraid I would get him sick. That sucked and I am going to make it up in the next couple of weeks.
I also went bass fishing a couple times and I didn't do real great, but I did catch a real nice smallmouth (probably about 4 pounds) and another trip I caught a largemouth that was pushing 7 lbs. The batteries in my scale were dead so I have been saying 6 and a half, just to be safe. Gotta get some batteries. I did get a pic though.