Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Tournament of 2009

I guess I'll try to catch up all at one time.
Last weekend Bubba and I decided that we'd fish a Sunday morning tournament on Percy Priest. We had been catching a few fish and we were just ready to fish a tournament I guess. We Put in at Fate Sander and made a short run to a close-by pocket that he had caught some in earlier in the week. There were already 2 boats in the pocket, the weekly Sunday morning tournament starts at 8am in the winter. But we pulled up and started throwing lipless crankbaits. We made it maybe 50 yards down the bank and I hung into a good fish. I fight him to the boat and we net a fat chunk 3.5 pound Percy Priest largemouth. And man it was right up on the bank. We catch some good fish super-shallow this time of year. It was in the 30's that morning and was only forcasted to get up to about 47 or so. Water temp was 50 degrees. In the next couple of hours we caught a couple of short fish and lost another good one. I snagged a 5 or 6lb carp. Then we made it back to the same place where we caught the first keeper and I caught another one on the same bait. I also lost about 5 of the $7 lipless crankbaits, plus an $11 Spro Little John. And he lost a couple too. Expensive trip! We also got the boat hung on a rock trying to get unhung up on a shallow point. I mean we tried everything that you can do from inside the boat to get unstuck. Rocking, turning, sticking the outboard in the water and gunning it in reverse and forward, pushing with the net, everything. After screwing with it for 30 minutes or so I said "man I'm getting in." So I stripped my dry clothes, long johns, and boots and threw on some rain pants and got in. It was VERY cold. I didn't think I was still going to get the boat off that rock. My legs were tingling bad. Finally I pushed from the side and he hit the trolling motor and it came loose. I got back in and dried off and put my dry clothes back on and finished the day.
We ended up with the 2 keepers for around 2 pounds or so. We didn't weigh in because we weren't in any kind of point race. It took 11.30 to win so we weren't too far off, we just needed 2 or 3 good bites. Get 'em next time I guess.

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